Model design and implementation

  • Greater protection for minority shareholders, facilitating the exercise of their rights.
  • Stronger governance structure with management and executive governance bodies.
  • Robust internal control system, comprehensive risk management, ethics and regulatory compliance.
  • Independent directors, diversity of professions and gender (at least 30% women), board size and defined mandates.
  • Management/executive succession plans and evaluation programs. 
  • Timely information flow to ensure traceability of data and record keeping.
  • Increased transparency and timely disclosure of information.
  • Guarantee for the attraction of low-cost capital and higher returns.
  • Control over the remuneration of directors and administrators subject to value creation.
  • Existence of effective governance processes that ensure agile, innovative and efficient decision making.
  • Reporting, which reveals the debate in the management of the business and its risk.



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