Customer experience and digital marketing

Digital transformation accelerated the processes in companies to be able to cope with market demand. Companies had to start thinking about changing their business models, integrating the use of different digital channels to meet customer expectations. Hence, we talk about the importance of user experience, which includes all the positive or negative perceptions generated by a brand, product, service or device.

This refers to the entire journey or interaction of a customer or consumer with a brand, which includes different phases: from knowledge and learning to when they enter their data into a database, make a transaction or purchase a product.

After establishing the challenges faced by a company, it is of vital importance to make known the benefits and advantages obtained by both customers and users in this process, and these are:

  1. Improved productivity.
  2. More effective business monitoring.
  3. Process optimization.
  4. Customer loyalty.

In this context, it is necessary to modify the internal processes of organizations and make use of the information obtained from the user to provide solutions that facilitate business development.

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